About Us

About Us

Reason for Establishment

Currently, chronic hepatitis B virus is affecting a higher number of Chinese descent population worldwide. There are still many people in the overall in the greater Chinese community who lack knowledge about viral hepatitis B regarding its form of infection, transmission, treatment and impact on work, lifestyle, and social interaction. All these issues affecting hepatitis B patients and their families need to be brought to the attention of the Chinese community.

History of the Group

Chinese Hepatitis B Peer Support Group was first initiated by Colina Yim, a staff member of the Francis Family Liver Clinic of Toronto Western Hospital and a group of patients of the clinic. They had the same idea to create a support group to help patients with hepatitis B. The group started the first meeting in May 2007 and then regularly meet every three months to establish friendship and discuss how to share the relevant knowledge to people who were impacted by hepatitis B for their learning interest. In early 2010, with the support of Dr. David Wong and many staff members, this group of enthusiasts decided to formally establish the “Chinese Hepatitis B Peer Support Group.”

Direction of Development

By the end of 2016, Chinese Hepatitis B Peer Support Group moved from Toronto Western Hospital to Toronto General Hospital and will continue to commit in the mission -aiming to have all hepatitis B patients in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas to have the best care from their own medical team and providing support for the community. This group’s main goal is to eliminate the general public’s myth and fear through education of hepatitis B virus by providing correct knowledge of this viral infection. Doing so, it will allow hepatitis B patients to lead normal lives and have a better future with their families.


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