Liver disease

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University Health Network
Patient & Family Learning Center 

Monthly news about UHN, rich in content, including the latest news of UHN, health talks, health and wellness resources, and various medical and health information. It is worth to visit regularly.

( The issue of November is published )

Online course

Provides by University of Toronto
A set of four sessions and eleven videos online course will teach you how to relax your mind and manage your mental health properly.
Instructor: Professor Steve Joordens, Department of Psychology. U of T
(Course is free)

Hepatitis B Foundation (United States)

This website contains some Chinese publications about hepatitis B, which can be read online or downloaded and printed.

Canadian Liver Foundation

This website contains a lot of medical information about liver disease. It is rich in content. If you want to know more about liver disease, it is worth to visit.


Healthy Eating for the liver

Registered dietitian Debbie Fong
Introduce nutrition and diet knowledge about liver health.

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