You’re welcome to join us. Members are entitled to:

  • Free membership
  • Medical seminars
  • Newsletter emails
  • Group’s activities: Meetings, workshops and Tai Chi class
  • Inquiry service

We want to educate people about hepatitis B and to help in eliminating the myths and fears about this condition. This will empower the patients with hepatitis B to live a normal life.

The sole purpose of this peer support group is to enable patients and families to share experiences and support each other.

We welcome patients, family and friends to join as our members. Please join us as our member by filling out the membership application form.

To be a member of this group, you must agree to:

  • Abide by the law, behave properly, treat others kindly and courteously.
  • Be responsible for your own personal safety when participating in our group activities.
  • A member and the group can mutually withdraw or terminate the membership at anytime without specific reasons.

會員申請表     Membership Application Form

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